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Indonesian Pre&Post-Natal Massage

Heyyy....moms and moms to be, you need special pamper too. Experiencing a wonderful Indonesian Prenatal and Post Natal Massage with natural herbs and spices for your healing, relaxation, rejuvenating and beauty.
Lemongrass oil will be use for the treatments.
lemongrass oil is used for its unique qualities to relieve wind and body ache

Herbs for Skin

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The benefits of Herbs for skin :
1. Red Ginger ; to prevent the aging process because it stimulates regeneration of skin cells as well as helpful to soothe and cleanse the dirt that clings to the skin.
2. Cinnamon ; used as a treatment for back acne.
3. Turmeric is useful for removing dead skin cells as well as able to moisturize and smooth rough skin.

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Indonesian Pre&Post-Natal Massage
Herbs for Skin


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